home52 Transportation coordinates multiple transportation providers through a
centralized coordination system, providing both on-demand and advance-scheduled trips.

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home52 Transportation is growing! We're looking for high-quality, customer-focused providers to help meet the growing demand for specialized transportation in southwestern Ohio. 

Since home52 Transportation launched in 2021, the number of transportation providers contracted with home52 Transportation has tripled. Currently, coordination center staff work with 16 local providers to schedule rides, including eight small business entities. home52 Transportation staff have worked hard to recruit additional providers with a particular focus on small and minority-owned businesses. Provider growth has occurred largely through good service and word of mouth. 

Additionally, for providers such as hospitals, health systems, dialysis clinics and federally qualified health centers, home52 Transportation can act as a centralized scheduling service, optimizing routes, schedules and vehicles to best meet the unique needs of their riders.

“home52 presents a good opportunity for small businesses because there is very little administrative overhead for the provider. They don’t need office staff or scheduling software. We manage all of that. All we ask of the providers is that they provide a good driver, a good vehicle and a high level of customer service for our riders.”  

-  Bryan Black, home52 Transportation Program Manager

Who We Serve

home52 Transportation coordinates multiple transportation providers through a centralized coordination system, providing both on-demand and advance-scheduled trips for riders with unique transportation needs.

The program serves:

  • Council on Aging clients enrolled in specific programs (Hamilton County Elderly Services Program and FastTrack Home)
  • Patients discharging from area hospitals and skilled nursing facilities
  • Older adults and people with disabilities requiring transportation to routine, follow-up up or same-day health care appointments
  • Older adults and people with disabilities who need transportation for non-medical needs such as grocery shopping
  • Private pay customers who need specialized transportation

Provider Benefits

  • Grow your business through access to 8,000 clients served by Council on Aging, the Area Agency on Aging for southwestern Ohio
  • Engage with a new innovative program
  • Provide efficient ride coordination with less empty miles
  • Have 2-way communication with a coordination center
  • Meet a critical need for a vulnerable population in our region

Regional Benefits

home52 Transportation addresses a key social determinant of health. When individuals can get to their appointments, adherence improves, resulting in better outcomes and cost savings for patients and providers. home52 Transportation provides:

  • Improved efficiency and appropriateness of trips for patients, families and providers
  • Increased satisfaction for riders due to flexible scheduling options, hands-on assistance and on-time service
  • Same-day scheduling to help patients manage chronic medical needs, resulting in fewer missed appointments and less reliance on ER and 911 systems

home52 has partnered with The Health Collaborative to measure the impact of a coordinated transportation system on reducing healthcare costs and improving health outcomes.


System and infrastructure funding is provided by an Access and Mobility grant from the Federal Transit Administration, Council on Aging and The Health Collaborative. Transportation services (rides) are funded using existing payor sources or private pay, when applicable.

Additionally, home52 Transportation can contract with healthcare facilities and providers that wish to cover the cost of transportation for their patients or clients.

Additional Information

The following documents provide more information about becoming a provider with home52 Transportation:

About home52

home52 is a subsidiary of Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. Leveraging 50 years of experience, Council on Aging and home52 are experts at helping individuals, families and caregivers manage complex medical and long-term care needs. home52 offers services that align with Council on Aging’s mission to help individuals remain independent in their homes and communities.

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