2022 - A Year in review

Mar 15, 2023

It's hard to believe we are already three months in to 2023! We are happy to share some highlights from 2022, our first full year of operation:

• home52 Transportation coordinated approximately 40,000 one-way trips for more than 1,200 unduplicated individuals.

• We contracted for transportation services with 18 transportation providers including commercial transportation with service providers of older adults and small business entities.

This diverse group of providers allowed us to provide person-centered transportation to meet the needs of the individuals we served. Our goal was to provide quality, on-time, hands-on supportive and through-the-door service creating a positive experience for each rider. This quality initiative will continue in 2023. We appreciate the collaboration and dedication from the transportation providers that share our goal and provide this unique level of service with each trip.

The data collected through our transportation management system (TMS) allows us to evaluate software functionality, internal controls and workflows. At the end of 2022, we initiated enhancements to auto-scheduler functionality based on system data and driver feedback. While drivers may not recognize the enhancements, additional efficiency with dispatching was shared by all. Our TMS allows us to monitor trips in real-time, communicate with drivers, call ahead for late arrivals and ensure the trip experience meets our standards - and our riders' expectations.

We randomly collect rider feedback within three days of completed rides. From the 2022 survey data, we learned the following about surveyed riders:

• 99% said they like the way they are treated by the Coordination Center. • 99% said scheduling their ride was easy. • 96% said they get as much help as they need to access the vehicle. • 98% said they feel safe and secure during the ride.

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