Aging, independence and transportation go hand-in-hand

Jan 18, 2024

Transportation is important to everyone. Independence for some individuals may be defined by driving their own vehicles or traveling with family and friends. Independence for other individuals may be defined by utilizing public transportation or using Uber, Lyft or taxicab services.

For many older adults or individuals with disabilities, the ability to navigate these transportation options diminishes as they age and/or experience a decline in health conditions. The home52 Transportation coordination center allows older adults and individuals with disabilities to retain their independence by providing reliable on-demand, on-time, hands-on, and through-the-door transportation services.

For some individuals, home52 Transportation may meet a temporary need. For example, they may need supportive transportation services for a short period of time following a hospital stay, during rehabilitation or due to a health set back. During this period an individual may require enhanced transportation support to attend follow-up appointments and other important activities.

home52 Transportation coordination can provide continuous, short-term or incidental transportation support to vulnerable individuals when they need it the most.

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